Information and decisions.

Two decent days last week at my now local carp lakes, Hallcroft. But this week (Monday) I decided on a different plan, I’d fish the river lake until inch time, then move onto the bigger lake, Moat this time. I brought some maggots and caster at the local farm then set up on the little lake, disturbing a nice little carp in the margins doing so. I’m always really quite when setting up, its from the old days when my Uncle Alan would say; “Practice to be quiet son” every time I banged the wicker seat box down, or knock the flask over.

I feed a lot of bait in one spot over two hours and caught endless little Rudd and Roach, lost two small carp and decided I’d buggered up the new Drennan Aqua Silver fish elastic 4-6 by setting it too tight (bumping those carp) and cutting off any excess, I’ll learn? But soon it was time to move onto the big lake and set some traps.

As I was moving I stopped and had a quick chat with a guy fishing a few pegs down from me. He was a lot younger than me, maybe 40s but pleasant and offered some information willingly. Apparently he had been fishing about 7/8 meters out, feeding and fishing hard pellets. I moved maybe a dozen swims above him, and set up the Matrix pole at 7 meters then feed 3/4 pellets 6mm and 8mm over the top every few minutes. We’ll there must have been a carp down there waiting for me, as I had a nice fish about 9lb almost immediately. I really took my time landing this one, after losing a few fish last time out. I did not use the puller bung, but landed it nevertheless in minutes. The purple hydro doing a great job now its run in, so to speak?

The depth was about 5′ and with the strong wind blowing in the bank I thought about those fish I’d missed out on, on Bridge the other week. The time I should have moved and didn’t. The wind was blowing directly into the bank and fish were feeding in the tow some 8/10 meters out. Three more fish followed (one a double) until around 3.30pm when I started to bait the margin beside me. I feed with groundbait (mistake again) corn and pellets, and fished 8mm hard pellets on the hook.

Now here comes that learning bit, I feel if I don’t try to alter things that are going wrong, then I’m at fault, not the fish. Last time out I foul hooked several fish, and thats not good. I reasoned my hook link, or rather the length of line between the bottom bulk shot and hook were just too high, around 6”. So that when the carp moved over the bait they would catch the shot and spook, or get foul hooked. On Monday, three good fish came in the margins and spooked off, I could see them and the bow wave they left behind, what was wrong. We’ll it was that too long distance from shot to hook. So I re-plumbed up again and made sure the bulk shot 4 no 8 were just off bottom, 2” at most. The hook-link was 3” so in theory the bait was 1” on the bottom, perfect.

Did it work, we’ll yes it did. I took another 3 margin fish 2 doubles and a single all on hard pellet. I’m convinced that if the carp feel that bulk shot, they will also spook at that. So having a very short hook-link of 3” maximum on the margin float rig one, stops it getting caught up in fins and tails as it hangs below them, and two, with the float shotted so its one inch off the bottom the float is taking the weight as it should, the carp suck everything in its mouth and its took late. The weight cannot be ejected fast enough to stop self hooking, if it does try and eject it, the weight causes the hook to catch the carps bottom lip, and sets itself. Now I’m just surmising and maybe thats not the reason it works, but that night it did and I had no foul-hookers, and landed all fish hooked.

I’m back tomorrow and this time will just feed the margins like I did the open water with hard pellets, fishing for one fish at a time. It does seem the fish don’t mind pellets being dropped over their heads, maybe they have their heads so down, they simply not notice them. Or maybe they are creating so much silt and stuff, they think they are doing it. Whatever, it seems to work ok. I’ll feedback later in the week.

Perfect, no mouth damage, no scales missing, fat as pudding!

Wednesday. Much the same as above, but I found a good margin swim, very good. The carp really wanted to come in a feed, only 2′ deep and flat. Just pellets 6mm and 8mm not groundbait, or corn. Only one bream and ten carp during the day and evening. Two fo the carp fought so hard I did think they were foul hooked. But the good old Purple Hydro did the job. Eight more doubles with two beast of 14lb and 15lb.

One of three big units that graced the landing net. Net 55cm by 50cm.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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