Baits and Bites.

When I’m fishing these days I tend to try and make things as simple as possible for myself. The fact what all the pro-anglers go on about all the time, even though they always have the most expensive gear on show, keeping things simple?

Regarding bait I always take pellets and corn, with worm on the odd occasion or when I have them. I no longer take groundbait, that may change in winter. But mostly pellets cover for almost 90% of my fishing on commercials now days. I’m sure they are feed (pellets) so often by anglers that the fish regard them as an almost natural bait. The two days fishing were a contrast, one day I had eleven fish the other just two. The eleven fish were all singles, the two fish on the other day we’re both doubles.

The last trip was the most interesting I believe. The eleven fish were caught on the pole eight meters out, then in the margins 3 to 8 on the day, a WORKMAN LIKE DAY FOR A GOOD RESULT. But the second day at 8 meters I simply could not buy a bite on the bottom. I should have fished up in the water on that morning until lunchtime, when I did eventually try it (to late) I lost two fish momentarily hooked. Its a method I must try more, and get better at.

The swim I’d chosen I really didn’t fancy much. Moat had a match, and Bridge was filling up quickly. Croft pool I just missed out on as two guys pipped me to a swim I had fished before, it also had a decent margin for evening fishing. Thinking to myself now I must not panic next time, as there are always places if you look around. This evenings margin swim was just not right, can’t explain it, but you know if you’re a commercial carp angler.

What I should have done?

I only had four bites in several hours fishing (slow) two hooked and landed, one spooked off, one foul hooked, I think? Maybe I will get around the foul hooked fish eventually by using paste, or corn hook in, not hair rigged. I also go a long time wasting time, waiting for the margin fish to come in. Some days it’s after lunch, others not until 3pm or later. So from 10 am until margin time, I must find where the fish are feeding. My plan next time will be bomb and pellet, feeding hard pellets until the fish come up in the water. Then shallow fishing just to see. If that works even a bit, it will be something.

Well, did it work? Kind of, but thats for next time.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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