Hot weather fishing 30+deg.

Very short post today. I went to Hallcroft on Monday for a full days fishing, the weather looked really good for some “up in the water fishing” But by around mid-day I’d drunk all my cold drink, and was feeling a little light headed.

I wish?

Being one that suffered from cancer in 2019 I cover up nowadays. So I had a very large cotton hat I got from New Zealand some years ago, a soft cotton full sleeved shirt, with light cotton trousers all linen. If I’d have been fishing the Trent, I could have soaked my large cotton hanky, and put it around my neck, but Hallcroft is not the Trent and very dirty because of all the feeding carp. A cotton hanky is an amazing cooling down method in hot weather.

“Yes, but its a dry heat”

By 1 pm I was dizzy and feeling a little sick, I realised I had a touch of sun-stroke. I packed up, got the air-con in the car going and headed home. So this is a little plea to all my followers. Its so easy to sit out in the sun during the summer and not think about cancer, why would you. But I have had a girlfriend and son-in-law die from melanoma so its close to home. If you must wear shorts, put some heavy duty sun cream on. If you must wear a tee shirt do the same. The best way is to cover up totally, you can buy light cotton called linen its light and has UV properties that will protect you from the suns rays.

I’m back on Friday if its under 28 deg.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

2 thoughts on “Hot weather fishing 30+deg.”

  1. Good advice Richard, I avoid being out in the middle of the day for any activity in this heat, although as I type the rain has just arrived (I’m on the Hants/Dorset border) I think the lakes and rivers need a bit of rain, hopefully my results will perk up a bit now.

    Look after yourself f and stay safe.



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