Good service deserves praise!

Just a quick post about where I’m buying some of my fishing tackle lately, a float material seller that goes the extra mile, and a You-Tube fishing match-man thats very good at explaining commercial fishing tuition.

I’ve been a supporter of Angling Direct for decades, I must have spent tens of thousands of pounds in the place. But a recent bad transaction has shown me loyalty is not respected anymore in this shop, they are simply too big to care.

So I started to buy a bit of my gear in Matchman Supplies Nottingham, it’s run by a guy called Tim, and they seems to be on the ball. I do hate it, when you order something you need, only to be told after payment the item is out of stock, and the waiting period is unknown. These guys keep you informed, and it seems they still value their customers. Prices are keen, and they are open to do a deal if they can?

Call Tim for all your fishing tackle with a smile.

The other good provider is a float material seller on E-Bay called “The Float Studio 1”. This guy looks after his customers, to a point he will split packets of items to ensure you get exactly what you want, recommended 5 star.

I’m old enough to still value loyalty, when I was working the same guy cut my hair for 30 years, wonder what old Nick is doing now days. Service is all important to me and many like me, old farts we may be, but we still spend.

Finally, I’ve found a You-Tube site that’s all about commercial carp fishing. (my passion at the moment) Its run by a top Match Angler called Ben Townsend and he really is excellent at explaining the in’s and outs of this kind of fishing. His site is relatively new, but the content is growing and there is so much good stuff on there already. Ben has that something that makes you want to watch him, his knowledge is extensive, well worth signing up for updates.

I’ll catch you up on the fishing over the weekend. I had my best ever day at Hallcroft with 19 carp.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

3 thoughts on “Good service deserves praise!”

      1. I think the short answer to that questions is ‘not as much as I should’. I seem to lose motivation in August and September and then find it hard to pick it up again in October. I guess the days when I want to sit out for hours freezing my nadgers off in the dead of winter have passed, but my plan is to keep the momentum going and get out for short river sessions and the odd hour before dusk for perch on lakes through the winter. Let’s see how it pans out.



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