A blank saved and revising my margin fishing!

Monday the carp just didn’t want to feed, not for me or anyone I spoke to, just one of those odd days. I tried the five meter line, long up in the water, and in the margin. I lost two fish in the day (operator error) its never the fishes fault is it? And maybe a foul hooked job too, so when I took a big double last thing, it was a relief to be honest.

Review of the Slik elastics I’m getting to like a bit better now I know how to use it?

One Wednesday I got on Moat and fished the caravans side (sorry static homes) The wind was strong so I decided to fish the top kit and two, so about 3 to 4 meters from the bank, at an angle that suited the wind. The float was a new one from Guru called a pinger at 1 gram weight. Bulk just under half way, then a two number eights dropper 6” from the hook. A size 14s Drennan wide gape specialist. I potted in about 20 pieces of corn, and a six pieces of meat.

The bite was almost immediate and a nice common of about 9lb was landed. This yellow Matrix Slik (15) is ideal for open water and the fish was landed quite quickly. I potted in the same again, and took several little bream of about 2lb apiece, not what I wanted. As this spot was close to the margin I decided too keep bait going in for the rest of the day, as well as placing some up the margin shelf for later on. By lunch time I’d only had two fish, a nice mirror full of scales in good condition too. Two guys opposite me fishing further out, on both the lead and pole failed to catch any carp, a few bream, but no carp. One guy down from me took a real beast of around 20lb, but I did not see it weighed, only the picture. I must have had several 20s according to that photo, a big fish yes a twenty?

Stunning scaly carp of around 8lb taken 3 meters from the bank.

By 3pm a few carp came in close, but not in the margins. In fact I caught in the original spot, and only saw one fish in the very shallow water. I finished with nine carp, a nice day, but I could have done better. Bt this time I’m not sure how. It seems the fish are less inclined to feed in the margins now the season is getting on. Maybe I need to find a less popular spot to fish, not easy on any commercial with daily fishing matches. But I’ll take a look see next time. I know next season I’ll go later in the day, and stay as long as is possible according to the rules. I have taken over 50 doubles since lockdown ended so I cannot complain.

Water agitator on.

I’ve also made up some top kits with much lighter elastic ready for winter time. I’ve a 6 Aqua, a 8-10 Slick, and a 10-12 Maver, that should do me for winter time. I’ve also put some Slik 20-22 on a margin rig for fishing near to rushes and weed-beds on both Moat and Bridge. I’ll not lose anymore fish getting in snags again with any luck.

I’ll fish Hallcroft until the end of September, and the cold snaps start. But by October I’d like to be fishing for roach on the Trent and a little commercial I mentioned previously. Several of the new river rods I brought this and last year (Acolytes) and the vintage Michel Match reel have seen little use to date. I simply love my trotting and it will be that which drags me away from the carp and margin fishing I’m currently loving.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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