Seasonal change.

After another poor day at Hallcroft (fish only feeding late in the day.)I’ve decided to make the change a little earlier than expected. Not 100% sure what I’ll do, but it will either be the river, or another little commercial for some better roach. If it’s the river then I’m sure seed baits will be attractive until the first frost, so hemp and tares could be one tactic on the Trent? I’m thinking now that would be a good little gape filler until the colder weather and those better Roach start to show.

A little commercial in winter, big roach maybe?

Trotting is my favourite thing of all my fishing. It keeps be busy all days and every fish is a bonus in truth. I’ll get a few bags of tares cooked this Thursday Friday ready for next week, yes that’s the plan. I’ve really enjoyed Hallcroft, but you can have enough of even good things. I’ll be able to go later in the day, and stay until dark now. Have a cooked breakfast maybe (did you hear that love?)

My forum friend Mark fishing hemp and tares.

When you’re trotting its a standing method for me, and when I’ve been on my feet for a few hours, the old back starts to play up. So 5/6 hours is plenty enough for this old chap. Most places I can get the car reasonably close to my fishing on the Trent, nice when its winter and you’re wrapped up in a big thermal suit and boots, trying not to get too hot.

The old Acolytes will come out and that new Michel Match I brought at auction last year, remember? I’ve been told the barbel fishing hasn’t been good this year, expect I’ll hear more once I’m tuned in to the river again. After all this blog is called River Trent Angler.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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