Back on the River Trent.

It was great to have the commercial carp fishing this summer. But the river is really where my heart is. Sadly it takes me some time to get back into it, many will understand, that make the switch from still to running water, can take a few trips to iron out the glitches? So this week my firsts trip back was to my local part of the Trent, I’ve been fortunate to take some very big barbel in the past long trotting.

Trotted barbel, part of an eight fish haul in 2017.

I started on a 10×4 stick but the river was way too fast really, so I had to resort to an Avon/Bolo with olivette weight down the line 6 gram, but 8 gram would have been better. I also tried the pole, and finally a feeder. The pace really caught me out in truth, and I was unprepared. What did please though was a nice roach of 1lb 12oz was taken in a match just the day before, so it shows better fish are about, its just finding them?

One Weds I traveled again to the Trent. It looked better and slower, and as I settled down beside the Bull rush stalks, I set up with confidence. During the non fishing days I’d made up a few float set ups on pole rigs. I put a 8×4 Allerton stick with a black tip on the Acolyte Ultra with a 2.3lb bottom and started to feed caster and hemp. Small fish started to feed, chub roach and dace all very small, then I hooked a better roach, that came off after a few seconds. The water was clear and I could see the fish clearly, maybe a pound!

I changed to 4mm dampened pellets, with a banded one on the hook. The next hour was one of the most frustrating to date. I’d hook and lost fish, some a better stamp that did stay on were roach over 6oz, but 80% came off. I changed hook three times trying to find the correct shape and size, but failed. Next trip I’ll have some soft hookers for the hook, maybe in Aniseed flavour if possible?Maybe some expanders are the answer, but it’s a plan.I’m one angler that has to keep moving on in my head, until it all works.

Free-lining in the margins with a big lump of meat. Does it work, sometimes it does?

One other thing thats going to change is my line and reels. The Cadence reel is so good in many ways, but has a big problem. Line continuously get caught behind the spool, it happened so many times it has to be a design flaw, you know after 50 odd years of angling when an item is not right. The other thing is reel line, I will have to go to a much lower diameter as suggested by many of my fishing trotting friends. 3lb maxima main line with a section of 2.5lb for the shotting section (can be replaced and stored between sessions) and 2.1lb hook link. The 2.5 Maxima section is simply so I can replace it if it gets shot damage, as I use lead in 8s. on this part. It’s will be about 4′ long and stored on pole winters minus the float. If I get broken, I’ll get the float and shot back all being well. Maxima is known for being stronger than the breaking strain stated too.

Really nice video of James trotting on the Wye, not unlike the Trent?

I’ll also change to bread and pellets and leave the casters and maggots alone this year, its a gamble, but you have to try and be different at times. Bread will be mixed with a little crumb groundbait, and a few hemp seed to get it all down in the quick waters of the Trent. Pellets will be feed very sparingly, as they fill fish up so quickly. Maybe 3 or 4 pellets each trot down, with a hooker on a size 18/16 B911 wide gape hook. It’s another plan guys, I’ll keep you posted. One last thing, in these times, be nice to other anglers, stop keep a distance, but say hello, we all need to talk its good for your mental health.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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