Weather change almost caught me out! And do I need two hats?

About now I wash all my summer rain gear and put it away until next season. The wash includes a Nixwax tech wash to keep the top and bottoms water proof. I then get all the clean winter gear out, ready for the colder weather. Today I left home in shirt sleeve, but on arrival at the river found a downstream wind that really was very cold indeed. I’d left the over-trouser at home thinking it would be too warm for them. Instead I brought a large winter jacket, and was grateful I did in the end.

Simple to keep your gear in good condition and water-proof.

I set up in a new to me swim, that when plumbed up was very deep in the margin, 7’/8’under the rod tip, really nice for winter time. But for now I fished about 5 meters out, with hemp and pellet, as the water was impossibly clear. That wind was bitter and strong, waves lapping the shore line, and the forecast was for 20+ deg and calm? I took a few fish on the stick float a 8×4 Allerton with a bright red top, easy seen on the dark surface, shotting shirt-button style. Nothing big but I’m sure the roach haven’t shoaled up yet, and are still all over the river in small numbers. But come winter I expect them to migrate to a swim like this, deep with plenty of food coming their way.

I packed up early and met two other angler doing the very same, they too had nor warm clothing and were perished after an early morning start. I’ll leave some winer gear in the car from now on, just in case.

Average roach on the day caught.

I’ve never found a good winter hat I really like that keeps me warm. I have invested in a few over the years, but rather they are too hot, or don’t come over the ears without creeping up on the day and making them cold. They all look good when you first buy them, only to find a flaw in the design some time later. The new Guru ones with a peak look ok, providing they cover the ears all day, and you don’t sweat. I’ve one hat that does just that, your heat gets so hot you sweat and become cold all over again. Maybe I simply need two hats in the bag in winter? Back on the river tomorrow, maybe I’ll try punched bread for a change?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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