Going fishing during the pandemic.

It seems now we can go fishing as normal, providing we stick to several protocols. I’m pleased and so will be the family, as I’m a bear with a sore head if I don’t go fishing. Its a drug, like a smoker with a nicotine habit to satisfy, but less expensive and better for me mostly?

Looks a nice summer place, wonder how it is in winter though?

Most day-ticket places should be open for fishing, but I expect they will operate in a slightly different way under the new rules. Anyway I’m going to get going again, after a small blip recently due to a health problem.

Thought I pass this on two. ‘Parcel 2 Go’ the intermediary for many courier firms has lost two of my fishing rods, sent to a buyer in Essex. I genuinely think these have been stolen by an employee of Parcel Force the company used. My parcel simply vanished and P2GO did very little to find the items lost. So stay alert and don’t use this company or Parcel Force. It amazed me how little effort or feedback they gave me about the loss, clearly I’m going to the small claims court in the coming weeks. Remember you still have rights even if the items are not insurable, like fishing rods. The company still has to show it took reasonable care with your parcel. I’ve a stack of evidence to show this company failed in their duty to me.

So next week I’ll get fishing once again as a friend has given me the heads up on some Trent roach hotspots? We’ll see and I’ll feedback good and bad as normal guys.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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