A simple days fishing.

It was so nice to get out again, that feeling of heading the car to a direction I knew would be open, and safe to fish. Hallcroft to their credit had done its due-diligence for Covid, and I could sit out of the way on a missive lake feeling very safe.

Dark overcast, wet, low light values. Ideal big roach and perch fishing day. Moat looks very spooky.

Moat had a really eerie feel as the mist and sun joined together to give a very autumnal feel to the morning, a rather early morning for me I may add. I could see the bright yellow pole float tip, but not the other end of the lake, but I know I had one side all to myself. I stated feeding hemp and caster, little knowing just how much the better perch would love a caster. Double caster or a slice of worm would bring the elastic out on the Drennan Aqua, with fish up to just under a pound and a half coming to the net. This was all about those important low light values I’m always talking about, and for once now wind hardly a ripple moved the surface. When the wind did come, clearing the skies a little, the light values raised and only the small perch took the baits.

Around a pound I’d guess. Plenty of fish like this today, nice fun on a Drennan Aqua 6 elastic.

I was hoping for some better roach in truth, but sadly 6oz was about the biggest, taking a worm tail on a size 14s. Today I’d gotten the shopping just right, and every movement on the bait registered on the float tip. Either sinking or riding up a little, those bottom shot were two size 8s three inches apart above a 6” hook link of .11. I’d also been losing a few fish from the off lately on hooking, but today I solved that, by making sure no slack line was in the system after hooking even the smallest fish.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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