Big Commercial Roach.

You cannot fail to see how many good roach get caught on the carp commercials these days. Most are caught by anglers targeting silver fish, but also carp anglers, as big roach get greedy at times and make mistakes. Naturally when the word gets around that a few big roach have been caught, it can become a circus and the fishing ruined by the long term, three rod anglers, that move on once the target size is reached. Thats fine by me, each to their own and there is normally enough room for everyone. The blessing is most commercials don’t allow night fishing, also these specimen hunters aren’t really interested in my pound plus roach, they’re after much bigger fish than that. I do think many of these places are short lived, with wonderful fishing for a few years, then a famine. So if you fall on one, make the most of it as in the video clip below.

These roach thrive on high protein pellets, seed-corn and other seed baits. I’d expect them to be shorter lived than their river fish brothers, because of all the high fat-oil style baits, but I’ve no evidence for that assumption. I’ve two little commercials near me that I’ve taken pound plus fish from. Despite all my big roach over the years, I’m content to catch roach a pound or more from these little commercial waters.

Big roach taken from a commercial water in Norfolk. The water is a known carp water that started to produce good roach many years ago. Fished by many “named” anglers like John Wilson, and his nephew Martin Bowler. Homersfield is a Private syndicate with a waiting list.

I’ve come to the hard reality that my trudging days are over, due to problems with my knees and lower back. Both have awful arthritis in them, and are weak and liable to give way any time I’m out. On Monday I tried some stalking on my little river close to home. Two falls convinced me it was time. You see the banks are very steep, and uncut, so not only to you have to navigate the banks, but lots of dying Forna like thistles, and wild flowers that grow six feet plus in the summer months. It’s wonderful to look at, but difficult to get through with all the gear one carries. So it’s River Trent fishing from a flat platform, or commercials from now on. The car has to be close, with little walking, and a decent seat to fish off. It’s a pity, but if thats how it has to bet then at least I’m fishing?

I’m planning few trips again soon (nest week) but the cold gets to me these days and recently I broke a beloved rod. My Daiwa Team x as mentioned in an earlier post. It was a favourite for still water silvers, however I will resurrect my Drennan IM8 12’9” specialist rod that’s been resting in the loft for a long time. It will be nice to feels its action again, it’s quite fast for an old rod. Back soon guys.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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