Small Changes!

I mentioned in my last post how chronic arthritis is going to change how I fish, and for what. The change won’t be too dramatic, but it will be a little different. For the rest of the winter I’ll be on the two little commercials fishing for roach, with the hope for some over the pound size. Both allow me to get the car close and fish comfortably with my box with a backrest. Summer time I will be chasing those big carp on the large commercial, with the odd Trent trip where I can park behind the peg. Currently the Trent is flooded, as I expect many of the rivers in Britain are. I feel so sorry for all those poor people having to move out of their homes, it must be devastating. Fishing wise, once it drops a little the fishing could be good, and I’m owed a few good fish, as you all know I’ve paid my dues on the Trent.

So I’ve replaced my broken Daiwa rod with a Preston Supera Carbonactive 13′ light action. With me doing more commercial winter fishing, I simply had to have a replacement. Its not arrived yet, but once it has, I’ll feedback what I feel about it. I’m hoping it will be a rod I can use light tippets and fine hooks?

Des with the very same rod I’ve just brought, look at the nice fast tip action when he strikes.

I’m beginning to see more benefits in fishing the commercial waters as age and health creeps upon us. The car is safe, your tackle can be kept dry on wet days, (only take out what you need) and you can take a bit more gear than if having to walk about and carry it. But I suppose the big point is, you mostly catch something. These places are so well stocked, its nigh impossible not to get a few bites even on the most difficult of days.

Lock down has happened again guys, and we are all locked in for 7 weeks, can we survive? I’ll try and take a nostalgic look back at some more of my fishing diaries and keep you entertained/

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

One thought on “Small Changes!”

  1. So far, I’m a long way from chronic but the last couple of winters I’ve noticed twinges in my fingers, especially in one that is bent from a rare outing between the sticks. At the time I thought I did well to get a hand on it, but I’m not so sure now.

    Would I want to only fish commercials? Probably not. Do they have a place? Definitely.

    Stay safe, it is getting a bit rough this time.



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