One rod to rule them all. Part 2.

So onto the new 15′ stick float rod I brought recently. Its a Tri-cast from the Allerton premier range, and it was designed primarily for fishing the Trent with very fine hook-links and hooks. John Allerton was a top match angler in his day, and mostly fished open matches to top up his income. He was very good at it too. He believed that fishing ultra fine tackle brought you more bites, you cannot argue with his long winning record.

Gem of a rod for those that love float fishing in moving water.

The rod; Well first off its a little heavier and thicker than the Drennan Acolyte range, but it also feels to have a bit more substance to it. My gripe with the Acolyte was simply, I did not like the soft action of the Ultra, compared to the Ultra this is quick, fast even, and picks up line with great authority at range. You honestly don’t feel the extra weight after a few minutes (as one forum expect suggested) its very well balanced. This one is 15′ so you expect some wrist ache after a few hours, but not for me, and I’m getting weaker, not stronger at my age! Hook a 2 ounce dace and you fell it right through the rod, but my friends have had carp to 10lb and barbel too, and the rod can cope well, if you use its middle section to your advantage. However it’s not a big fish rod, more a wonderful silver rod that will cope with the odd specimen fish.

I’ve since changed to a magnesium framed reel. It’s a better match and a touch lighter.

Dave Roberts uses one (several in fact in all lengths) on the Wye for almost all his roach and chub fishing. He said if John Allerton could see how he treats his, he would look in horror. I guess that’s the fact Dave uses his for Bolo and heavy waggler work, as well as the fine stuff. It really is a great rod, the spliced tip is so well integrated, you simply don’t know its there until you need it adding speed to the strike or fish playing.


Paying all that money for one rod is rather a subjective thing. I made myself afford it by selling off some tackle I don’t use, so yes, very well worth it as trotting and float work is the mainstay of my fishing. I’m awaiting some winter rain to take the clarity out of the Trent, so I can really set it through its paces. Please ask me any questions if you looking to buy one, happy to help as others did for me. Its worth mentioning Tri-cast seem to make these almost to order, almost. Like 3/4 maybe at a time, so if buying, shop around. Discounts are very rare, you will pay £300+ for this gem of a rod.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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