First trip for a while!

Had a short 4/5 hour session at my local commercial this week. Its still really bloody cold, too cold for me, but decent clothing did help I must say.

I set up a Drennan pre-loaded 2 gram waggler float, in about 6′ of water. There was a mist over the water that lingered all day. The type of weather that makes you think it’s drizzling. The rod was a new one to me, and one I’d brought just for this type of fishing, still-water silver fishing. The Preston Corbonactive Supera 3-10 gram 13′ model. I’ve been after a fast tip silver rod for ages, but always thought the Daiwa team X was as good as they get. But after breaking it recently I felt I did need to replace it. It was not mega money, but not cheap at £150, however it turns out to be a little gem, it tippy, fast and picks up line with aplomb. When you hook a small fish, you feel it in the hand under the cork. Its light ,so sits on your knee when fishing, and has that flat part in the cork that stops it from rolling off when you’re waiting for a bite. I love it, and would recommend it for anyone after a 13′ light float rod.

Feeding caster over the top very sparingly, and fishing a slow sinking caster on a size 16s brought me the only 3 bites of the day. I did try on the bottom but had nothing, I think the roach may have been feeding off bottom, but hay some days you catch, and others?

Towards the days end I tried a pellet on the pole close in. I hooked something that may have been a carp, but my elastic was set too soft, and the hook didn’t set. My feed were frozen as I set off home for tea and something to eat. In the car the heating was on full blast, getting those feet warmed up.

It needs to warm up a little before the next trip, but was happy I went, a fishing day is never wasted is it?

I love this young lady, she’s the daughter every fishing Dad would hope for. See her fishing on You-Tube, she’s also very good! Maybe I’ll give pellets a go on my next trip?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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