Catch up at Hallcroft.

Not a lot to report sadly, two trips and just two carp. Better than most I’ve seen fishing to be honest. I even tried for the silvers and even failed at that, but the water is still very cold to be honest.

We all seem to be having problems with suppliers at the moment. Mine was, when I ordered a new small 10′ bomb rod from Angling Direct last week. It arrived in good time, but on opening it, found it had one tip missing, and it also had a broken top joint, and the third quiver tip broken. I’m sure A.D will sort it out, but they want pictures, proof of purchase and account numbers. Trust has gone completely sadly. I actually remember the ex-owner buying Johns Tackle Den in Norwich, adding it to his growing empire. That must be over 30 years of dealing with the same company?

I wanted a little bomb rod for the winter and those days you want to use very fine tackle. The fabulous Trip-cast feeder is rated for 50 grams, I wanted something much lighter in truth. With a main line of maybe 4 or 5lb and a 2-3lb hook-link. Something that would throw a 20-25 gram feeder with the smallest amount of bait in it.

So regarding Hallcroft I’m going to give it another week, just to see if it gets any warmer, and fish other commercials nearer home. That way I’ll know when the carp start moving and feeding.

poignant little video for spring fishing on commercials, enjoy guys.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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