Video of the month.

I’m starting a video of the month on this blog from today. It will be the one I feel is most current for the time of year. I will be both informative and enjoyable to watch. Here is my March/April pick, see if you agree?

So what’s to like about this video? We’ll firstly I do like Joe Carass, and his easy style of fishing. I know all these guys are Match orientated, but Joe and Rob Wotton both take the time to enjoy what they’re doing, it’s not a race like some professionals make it. Secondly and maybe the biggest plus with Joe is, he talks what his thinking, a skill few presenters have. So you not only understand what he’s doing but why!

Today he thinks he will get away with a hard pellet, why, well its a big carp dominated water, a bit like my Hallcroft water, with few F1s when a soft pellet could be better. He knows he will only need a few fish to win a match, as weights are low in summer, it all fits. He fishes with just two top kits, (Alan Scotthorne takes five Acolyte float rods on the Trent when wagger fishing.) So it’s showing the Mr Average you don’t need 20 top kits to catch fish, I like that. What it showed me is that a smaller pellet on carp dominated waters, could be a good edge, with everyone on say 8 mm ones. In the end, did you notice, he also mentioned how he would fish his next match if drawn there, maybe using big piece of meat, or corn. That gives you more options with a hook in or out of the bait? Finally, I took another point about small amounts of bait for feed, I’ve been guilty many times of just over doing the bait bit. I’ll learn a lot form that, Joe used something like a quarter pint of pellets for the day, another something the layman can understand and enjoy.

Last trip.

I know I picked a poor swim, the margins were too deep, and the fish stayed long all day. They were also waking up, leaping all over the place, mostly in the margins. Again I put in too much bait and ruined my chance, I also used groundbait to keep any fish on the deck. That too was the kiss of death. The winning week-end match weight was over one hundred pounds, well done I say. I’d love to sit behind one of these good anglers in a Match one day, until then, I’ll have to be content with brilliant videos, the likes of above. I took two small carp around 6lb during the entire day, a poor result I’m feeing now.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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