Cold Windy fishing.

I’ve had two days fishing this week, and it’s been unusually cold for the time of year, bitterly cold. Both days despite looking for shelter, I’ve found myself in the full face of it. On Wednesday, It was up to Hallcroft, and Moat my most favourite commercial lake at the water. Why is simple, it’s a large water and full of big carp, simple.

Always so blooming busy at this place?

I promised I’d go a little later in the day to Hallcroft this season due to the fact I feel the carp don’t get really feeding until after mid-day, and so it proved on the day. Two clonking big fish, one a common of 12lb, and then a handsome mirror of 16lb, both falling to sweetcorn. I did get a few pulls on meat, but my float was not set up well enough, and the fish were getting away with it. I was fishing a bulk close to the hook link, but a strung out rig worked much better with the float sailing away. One fault I continue to make is not being thorough enough picking a hard flat spot, to fish on. The margins are so up and down, that I give up in the end and fish were I hope to get a take, it just lazy fishing really.

Nice fish from Hallcroft of 16lb+

Due to the wind I had to fish very close in, and with just a 4 section on the pole. On packing up I managed to stand on my top kit, and it split. Its not really worth having it repaired, so I’ll put a very light number 4-6 elastic in it, and use it just for roach. I’ll need to do a home repair first, super glue, and tape, but it should be ok. I’ve ordered another tip, and I’ll put a Daiwa Black Hydro in that one, a nice medium elastic for open water.

Cracking fish for the small lake 12lb.

Today was such an interesting day, and again it was bitter with a strong wind in may face when fishing. I was at the little commercial I fancied for a big roach or two in the winter. I used my new little Acolyte 9′ with a maggot feeder, after first putting down a few groundbait feeders with micro’s in. I put a few dead maggots in the groundbait, then was straight on the maggot feeder with a short 8” tail on a 6”twisted boom. Bites were brilliant and 20+ F1s came my way over the next hour or so, the little rod working better than expected right under the tip, bending perfectly on every fish. During this time ( 2 hours) I’d been feeding the 5′ margin under my feet with corn and a few 4mm hard pellets. I was hoping for a much better carp or two to be honest. What turned up initially was so welcome, and made all the cold hands and ears worth while. See what I caught in the next blog session.

Apologises for the poor quality shots this week, it’s me not the camera.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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