New Lake. (Belated post)

Today at Hallcroft the world and his wife were out after Covid lockdown. Two matches were taking place on the two biggest lakes, Bridge and Moat. So there was little choice, I decided on the little river lake, maybe a quarter acre in size. This is the ideal size of lake you would want in your garden, to stock with a few Koi carp or other select species.

Its not my cup of tea to be honest, (too small) but today it happened I had the little lake to myself, and it really felt good. Surprisingly it was a bit deeper than I expected at 6 meters, around five foot, and going off a little more maybe? I baited two lines one at 5-6 meters, the other in my own margin to the right. It was still deeper than expected, four foot in the edge. A small pot with some corn, hemp, 2mm soaked pellets, and spam.

I stayed off the margin swim for maybe an hour, having nothing on the deeper rig until the float shot under the white elastic pulled tight, I lost what I assume was a decent carp. I let the swim settle down a bit, and popped another pot of bait in, while I tried the margin peg. I really don’t see people fishing this little pond for carp, its mostly for skimmer, roach and rudd in the summer. So when I came into the margins and had a stunning little fully scaled mirror on the meat almost immediately I was once again taken by surprise. I had changed the white hydro to the black by now! So the fish I estimated at 6lb was under control right from the off.

I was really pleased, as this fish had a perfect mouth, and looked exactly like a carp should. Broad, with all its fins straight and shinning in the afternoon sun. It clearly had not been caught in quite a while. I knew this was the stamp of fish I could expect, so the pressure was off, and after another spotless chunky common about the same size, I called it a day. They seem to love meat at their time of year. I have no idea of the stock of carp in this little lake, but it could be a sleeper for a winter session or two. It’s nicely out of the wind too, that would be a bonus in winter I guess?

Each time I do my blog, it reminds me of the day and trip. That is a really constructive thing to do, it makes me feel good reliving the day, and makes me think, about what I could have done better? So two fish today and one lost, well my back was really playing up about 5pm, but had it not, then another hour fishing and I might have seen a couple more fish. So I’m thinking for a time it could be best to go a little later in the day, so by ‘five’ my backs not in spasm and I can fish until the fishery closes. I fished well from 10am until 2pm, doing nothing wrong, or so I thought. But water, and air temperature are a vital factor at this time of the year, and I’ve no doubt that the fish simply switched on when the temperature was most favourable to their feeding.

I’ll get a little lay in tomorrow then? Maybe?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

2 thoughts on “New Lake. (Belated post)”

  1. Firstly, sorry to hear about the back and I hope it eases. As to “… each time I do my blog, it reminds me of the day and trip …” I think that is spot on. Our blogs should first of all work for us and if anyone else enjoys them that is a bonus,. Better that approach than playing to the gallery.


  2. Thanks mate, to sure you’re right. Keep going it will all come right soon with those tench. Could I suggest you watch a good video by Duncan Charman on float fishing for tench. Also try luncheon meat, just 10 4 mm size bits each fish, don’t over-bait while its cold, one fish at a time. Interestingly I all but blacked today, just 3 small chub and lost a decent carp last knockings.


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