Never too old to learn.

Yesterday I had one of those days when I did everything right, but it all turned against me over the next few hours! I started to bait one swim with casters, just a few every minute, and in a few hours in the swim was full of big roach, and some big carp.

8 Kilo carp taken in the margins on meat, see net size for next fish.

The first carp came off as it pulled the 8-10 elastic fully out and ran towards the middle of the lake. Then it came off, no scale on the hook, and the bare hook back four more times, all proper carp and the hook was fine each time. Finally I twigged exactly what was going on (as well as most readers I expect by now) I tightened the pole elastic by about a foot, bingo. The next few bigger carp, one a good double figure common, was landed without any problems.

My swim was about six feet deep, and with no wind I fished a 4×10 with a strung out shotting, number 11s to a size 16 medium wire hook Kamasan 911. I find this an ideal light carp hook, providing you take your time with every big fish. I had another roach about a pound, and saw another guy get one over a pound, roll on winter I say.

Nightmare loss.

One Tuesday I had my 4 section roll into the lake, and sank out of sight, and in trying to scoop it out, breaking a £50 top kit. Thats £110 in one go, its not my first top kit lost this season either, fact is its my third. I’m just so bloody clumsy at my age, and bad knees and hips makes it 10 times worst getting off and around the staging at Hallcroft, I just step on stuff.

Stunning roach of 1lb 6oz.

I’ve saved the casters for Monday, and a Hallcroft trip, my new four section should be with me next Wednesday/Thursday, Tim at Nottingham anglers suggests. Hallcroft has a few big perch (over a pound) that rarely get fished for sadly, the management have cut down many of the overhanging trees on the lake, and it looks rather sterile right now. Those better perch would live under those trees in quite shallow water. What are we doing to our natural looking waters, why do people insist on such clean places to fish. I bet the regular Kingfisher moves off the lake now, over to the River Idle close by.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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