Fishing tackle thoughts!

Don’t you just hate busy commercials.

Most of you that follow know, I’ve gotten very into pole fishing lately, have two decent poles and all the floats a man could ask for in a lifetime. But I’ve found as much as I like the pole, I do miss using a rod, and reel? The last trip when I fished the waggler and caught those bream and carp, really got the juices flowing, I loved it, and felt I’m missing out only fishing the pole.

So what to do, well I think I’ll try fishing the margins with a power float rod for a while and see if I can get better, or as good, a presentation that the pole gives me. I’m thinking about the lift method, or flat float thats much the same. Or maybe use a pole float? Its open for testing I feel. Also I’ve not touched the feeder rod this season, no method feeder, I must be crazy. But I just had the “thing” for the pole for a while. Fact I think I fished it in circumstances when a feeder would have been better.

One of the best instructional videos I’ve seen in quite a while, enjoy.

So from my next trip I’m going to fish the best method for the prevailing conditions. If it’s very windy and wet, I’ll be on the feeder. If the wind is from behind and steady, I’ll fish the waggler. And evenings, I may even move from swim to swim stalking the margins if the place is deserted, as it can be some late weekday evenings? A power float rod, 6lb line right through (Drennan Double strength) maybe and a size 12s strong hook, like the guru Kaizen hooks I’m liking at the moment. The 14s are fantastic for single corn, and don’t bend out on big carp.

Wonderful was to fish in summer.

I did find the right rod in the end, a 11’6” Preston mini power float, that had exactly what I needed. A proper float rod, with proper rings designed for float fishing and casting, with sufficient power to land big carp. Line 4-8lb with a fast tip action, and at a discounted price. I’ve tries this rod since buying it and will give you feedback in the next blog, do I have a good day to tell you about?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

2 thoughts on “Fishing tackle thoughts!”

  1. Hi pal my name is Jim,I am s member of Levas and fish Grange pond, but with the 16th June arriving I do like the river,at 72 I was taught to stret peg by some very good anglers, Frank Barlow for one. Living in Chilwell can you suggest where I might have a decent session on rid and line.I am not the luckiest of anglers and would appreciate your advice.


    1. Try around Newark, see in tackle shop for days tickets. Try Matchman Supplies in Nottingham James, they will help you out. Also some free fishing inside the city limits. Good Luck.


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