Margin fishing thoughts!

Late in the day margin fishing brings the chance of some of the biggest carp being caught on commercials. However, it brings with it, a myriad of problems, not least foul hooking of fish. It’s been a problem for me, since I started this type of fishing with the pole and float in shallow water.

Because I enjoy this method so much, I’ve spend a lot of time looking at ways to mitigate the problems around it. Sadly while messing about with hook-link lengths, and float shotting patterns, I’ve jet to find an answer that satisfies me enough to continue doing it. I just hate foul hooking fish, I fell they don’t count and you have not found the right way of catching on that session.

On the sloping banks of Hallcroft, ground-bait seems a bad idea as it gets blown all over the ledge, and does not stay around long. Were-as pellets do stick, and don’t roll down the slope as other lighter baits do. So I’ve decided to try something different in the evenings, just to see if it works, and I catch more fish by doing it. I’m going to use a small feeder, as Des Shipp does in this brilliant video below.

This is what I’m talking about!.

It looks simple enough, it should cut out the foul hooking as Des mentioned. I’m unsure about how the line will lay, as with a float its above the fish, with this it will lay near the bottom so I expect you get a lot more liners? In the old days I’d pin it down with tungsten, but Hallcroft rules say, all feeders must be free running, so any kind of stop above the feeder is out. Maybe a tiny little running back-lead would work, but I’ll try it without first. There is another good video going back a bit now by Steve Ringer, worth a watch guys.

Another excellent video on fishing short with feeder.

It seems a short rod is ideal for this method, 11′ or under. I’ll give the Try-Cast feeder a go, but that little Wandzee from Preston looks great fun? Do short rods work guys, feedback and let me know?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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