Are you sure its May!

The last two trips to Hallcroft have found me, wet and very cold. The easterly wind continues to bring cold rain that pushes the carp into the deeper water, so you don’t know when or where they are feeding on any day. On the last two days fishing, my coat and trousers have gotten so wet, they don’t dry before the next trip, lucky I have two sets of waterproofs.

I’ve caught a few fish, but not as many as i should have. One minute you think they are in the upper layers and try sinking pellets. The next they are in the edge, or long off the bank in deeper water. It’s difficult to put a few fish together, however last night I did take a few from the margins. The foul hooking is still a problem, so I’m going to try the method feeder in the margins late on. I’ve brought a little Preston 7′ feeder for such occasions when I’m casting to the next platform, should be a lot of fun playing big carp on such a little wand.

Look at that rod bend, 8lb line.

So today Monday 24th, I tried the new outfit with my little Okuma Epic Pro reel that has a nice smooth clutch system, 8lb line 7lb N-Gage hook-link. I cannot stress how much you need a quality reel, with a good clutch for this style of fishing. I had Moat to myself amazingly, and fished the platform to my right. But losing two fish in quick succession under an unknown snag, I swapped to the left hand platform.

This is such an exciting and interesting clip, I thought you may like to see it?

I’d made up some 2mm pellets along with quality fishmeal groundbait, both from Sonubaits range and mixed a one part groundbait, two part pellets. All was soaked in a Tiger nut soak, that’s very sticky. This was for the method feeder providing a bit of cloud, and a large mouthful for any carp. Unlike in the video, the Hallcroft fish are not so ravenous as those in the lake in Italy. They come in numbers only if they feel safe. Other wise, you’re fishing for one fish at time, that’s what makes the method feeder close in, so bloody good. It also elevates any foul hooked fish, even thought you do get plenty of line bites, you simply have to sit on your hands and wait for a proper pull.

So how did I get on? Well, I did see a fish in the margins after lunch, so started early on the short feeder. I hooked and lost two fish as mentioned, then turned to the other platform. Between 2.30pm until I packed at 6.30 I had nine fish, all but one under 10lb. Maybe the big wise fish don’t fall for the feeder, but I think it was just fate/luck and the doubles will come. I’m back on Wednesday and will try the margins first, and probably stick with it, as it seems they will come in if its quiet, with not many people crashing about.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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