Did I mention the rain!

It was raining when I left home around 9.30am on Wednesday. My plan was to fish a different swim on Moat Island, hoping as the weather forecast said the rain was short lived.

Did I mention the rain?

By mid-day it was still raining, all my gear was wet, and it was starting to come in on the seat of my water-proof trousers, did I mention it was raining? I have a super Preston umbrella that my dear wife brought for me 3/4 years ago. But for some reason, I rarely take or use it, relying on a waterproof suit from Daiwa. This was a summer suit, light and fine for a shower, but it got very wet last trip and had not really dried right out. At one time, I took our small umbrella from the car just to cover my shoulders and knees, but the rain was continuous, did I mention that?

Buy about 4pm I’d really had enough of being wet. My large Preston bag was full of water, and items inside, (reels, hook-box, glasses and such were sodden) Water had even gotten into my large hook ready mades and soaked the lot. The rain simply did not give up until I was on the way home. On the way back, I did run into a huge thunder storm, and was pleased I’d just put four new tyres on the car the day before.

Back home everything was hung up to dryer and sorted out next day. Fortunately the sun was out and getting stuff dry was possible, I cleaned the bag with dettol wipes and it smells like new again. I’m going to treat the suit with Fabsil waterproofing ready for the next trip, and my proper umbrella will accompany me just in case. Oh! and I only caught four carp, bummer.

The brilliantly talented Jamie Hughes.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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