Summer is on the way!

If you took the time to look at the last post and watched the Jamie Hughes video, you will know how important the preparation of your bait is. It’s something I’m missing out on, as I’m lazy at bait prep. So from now on I’m getting really serious about my bait, and preparation. I had no idea you could choose the time your micros took to break up, just by soaking more or less? Everything Jamie talked about just rang so many bells in my head, so I know I can to better and maybe increase my catch rate, let’s see shall we?

30 degrees and the carp are spawning.

I’ve been back to Hallcroft several times since I last posted, but the carp have been in the LOVE mode, and spawning. Nice to see, but a long trip for no fish, well a couple, but nothing to write home about. However they are now as I speak 16th June, getting back on the munch again.

Yesterday was very hot, but a nice wind blowing. I had the luck to spot groups of fish in both arms, and not just a few, but hundreds on top and some very big fish, not many over 20, but a few. I caught on 11 mm pellets at 40 meters, just about as far as I could get them with a catapult. Then in the evening a few more in the margins, still lost a couple but had a good day with eight nice carp to maybe 11lb.

I’ve changed a few things (the interesting bit) like having my hair much shorter, right up against the hook bend, this aided hooking yesterday I’m sure and only one foul-hooked fish. I used ground-bait again, topping up with a medium size pot with hemp and 8 ml pellet each fish. The gound-bait did attract small fish with the pellet being picked up and moved around. But with fishing a short lash 12” most carp hooked themselves against the tip.

I’ve been trying some pre-coloured, pre-soaked 2mm pellets, sadly they just did not work for me. I’m sure they have a place and were so easy to use, perfect on the feeder every time. But the carp seem to love the plain fishy pellets without any stuff added. Plus hard unprepared 2m micro’s keep for a long time if wrapped up. These have a sell by date, especially in the hot weather we have now, winter would be different. Strangely even the garden birds did not like them when I tried to feed them some?

Small fully scales mirror around 6 lb.

June/July. So now the best should be to come, with lots of opportunities and fish, maybe even that elusive 20lb job? I’ve just ordered some hard 2mm pellets from “Pure Pellets” 5kilo (so much cheaper than the 900 gram packets) that can only be the same pellets, and some more worms from Willy worm, should arrive today. I’ll be mixing 50/50 Coppens and Skretting for the method feeder. The lads at Pure Pellet are very accommodating and good at what they do, prices are very fare too. I’ve brought from then before and the 8 ml are very consistent, and all look the same. The 11m are also good, but not quite so uniform in shape. Give them a try next time you need some pellets 5 star form me.

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