Off the top!

I’m trying to think a little more about my fishing and bait as mentioned in the last post. This trip I was straight on the pellet waggler casting without bait at cruising fish, the sun was up and the fish in the upper layers. While I have proper pellet wagglers I brought some clear floats from Middy in 1.5 and 2 grams, Robb Wotton had suggested them in a video he made recently. They fly like darts, but land with a tiny plop like a pellet hitting the water. Rob’s video is on You-Tube under mugging carp.

The results were two carp, but I could have had a few more had my reflexes been quicker. I also tried slapping in the evening and took one nice fish of around 14lb, with very little sign of ware, very unexpected. Both techniques are new to me, I’ve done a lot of floater fishing in the past and had fish to nearly 30lb on this tactic, but this is very different. I’m sure had floating baits been allowed I’d have had a dozen fish with little problem. I’m still having problems getting the carp to settle over any bait, but speaking with others, it seems I’m not alone. Since spawning fish are being caught, but mostly off the top, or mid-water.

I also tried a day fishing hard pellets at 8 meters, flicking out bait (8 mm) almost all day, but no fish turned up until late, when I had four fish on the pole slapping, all small fish under 10lb, but a nice experience catching fish just under the surface on a tiny float.

I’m thinking of having a few days away from Hallcroft and trying the pole for some silvers, and maybe a decent perch or two, we’ll see soon enough. Just want to catch a few more fish, must get some casters form the bait farm this weekend.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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