A new era for my fishing.

I’ve been on a waiting lost for a certain syndicate for some time now, so when an offer to join came my way this weekend, I jumped at it to be honest. It’s about 40 minutes door to lake, driving through one busy town, but the lakes make it worth while.

There are five lakes, all for different levels of angler. Two large lakes with some decent carp and bream in, and two so called match lakes with some much smaller carp, up to maybe 6lb, but good sport on the right tackle. They are classed as mixed fisheries, and that’s about right. For size wise, the lakes don’t offer me any real chance of beating any of my fish PBs, but as I gave up chasing big fish some years ago, I’m happy to settle for the peace and nature these lakes offer me. They are all truly wild, and my first trip yesterday found me looking at woodpeckers and jays, two birds I rarely see these days.

The walks between the lakes will see your legs getting wet on rainy days, as the grass is allowed to grow. The car parks are off tracks, not tarmac, it’s refreshing to see a club, considering nature is such a positive way. I did fish for a few hours and caught some nice small carp, mostly Koi, Ghost, crosses around 2/3 pounds, all on pellet waggler casting at seen fish. Nothing came to the pole, so maybe they are rather cute, that would be nice if so. I feel with so much fishing to go at, it could mean this is the only place I fish from now on, I’ll have to see. I may feel different in winter, who knows, but the nature adds another plus dimension for me.

Second visit. This visit was far more serious affair, but just as much fun. I fished the carp lake, and had some little success. Arriving as I normally do around 10am, I spotted several fish milling around aimlessly, not looking for food, but open to offers I’d suggest. After trying a floating boilie for a while and having several offers, I made a switch to bread, and found myself hooked to a cracking fish of 17lb common, that did its best in the weed to snag men up. But the 9′ Century stalker and 12lb line was really no match for it. During the day I had several offers but each time on striking the carp managed to rid the hook miraculously?

In the evening I sat in a tight little swim on the far bank, that during the daytime I’d baited up. Sadly nothing came along, but on reeling in finding the rig was across a twig, and the bait in silt. Clearly I need to find some gravel area’s that are hard, or make a few swims by raking out the bottom. In the weedy parts I can feed lots of hemp, so get the carp and wildlife to help me clean it. I’m back again in a few days so I’ll keep you posted. I’d guess I spotted 30+ fish, but nothing much above the size I caught, but that will do me for now, its an ideal stalking venue with loads of tiny swims, with just enough room for a rod and noting much else.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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