3 Fish from 5 lakes.

This stunning 16lb Ghost Koi was a bit down in weight as is was bit thin after spawning I suspect, but I’m not complaining readers. I took it off the top like the other two later in the day, both smaller at 6lb and 13lb commons.

That was Monday, but today Weds I arrived feeling really tired after a poor nights sleep due to the night heat. It’s crap when you don’t get a decent nights rest, and next day you’re out on your feet. So I thought about sitting in a few swims for the day, but the carp were all on top again, so the floater kit came out again and roaming was on the cards. A young chap came about soon after I arrived and did the most strange thing, he through bread in several of the swims, fished for a while then buggered off. Coming back later and doing the same again, but this time with floaters.

One of the more open swims.

Now these fish KNOW exactly what a floater is, and while they will take one, they view everyone with suspicion. From day one I’ve noticed that large numbers of floaters are ignored completely. But put just four in, and they may take one, or two, it’s not like being on a big open water down South, these fish are close and know every inch of their home. I’ve found its one of those waters that gives up its secrets if you just sit and watch. The water is beautiful, with every fisherman’s plant your could imagine, meadow sweet, rosebay-willow-herb, water mint, and many other wild flowers that attract butterflies in large numbers. There are also rabbits running about wild, I saw 5 red kites all together playing, gaining height then dropping down again, making that eerie noise all raptors make in flight.

There are no main roads for miles too, that makes it seem even more wild. The water is deep mostly 6′-7′ and is dark, so the bottom cannot be seen clearly. Maybe in the winter it will clear, I’m unsure to be honest. I’d guess the water size is quarter of an acre, with possibly 50/70 carp, most doubles. Thats a lot of carp in such a small space. However over the years, the fish have become difficult to catch, and I’m yet to take one off the bottom, on a pop-up or plain bottom bait.

It’s gone silly hot recently 28-30 deg, s I’m keeping indoors and as cool as possible, I’m too old for sunstroke.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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