A Good Day with lessons learnt.

I had last week off, it was just too hot for a near 70 year old. Strangely when we lived in France, it would be much hotter and we could cope with the heat, But not now, we both have to keep indoors and consume large amounts of liquid. Getting old is no fun, Ha! Ha!

17lb on the noise mirror Koi cross.

However, this Monday I had a really nice day at the Lake and the heat was manageable. I’d just mention (as its worthwhile I think) what I wear in summer. I have two dark blue quality linen shirts, with a collar. They are the best material in hot summer as they absorb the sweat very well, but are also cool to wear. I have the same in trousers, linen cotton, light and cool. Naturally in the car there is a jumper and rain gear. I see lots of carp anglers in shorts, but all groan after about being bitten, what the hell do they expect! Cover up, cancer can still get to the moles on your legs.

View down the lake 2021.

The day started as I spoke of in the last post, I baited an out of the way swim with about 50/60 baits. Then walked back putting a bait in the margin every meter or so, all the way up one half the lake. This swim will be my banker, and I’ll top it up next trip. I fished the margins until mid-afternoon, so 4/5 hours, but nothing came my way. I’m confident in my rig and gear, but still cannot buy a daytime bite on the bottom. The fish were sub-surface again today, just drifting about a meter down. It was not until I thought about lunch and a big cold drink, did I walk past a small island on the way back to the car, when I spotted several big fish.

Nice Koi strain double.

I dropped the gear down and lunch was all but forgotten about, my spare rod always had a floater set up on it, so out went a big chunk of bread crust, the fish turn the rolled over it. I told you they were clever didn’t I, it turned again and looked at the semi-sunk crust for what seemed like ages, then took. The fish was the smallest in the group at 11lb, but the colours were stunning, and orange hew covered the entire fish. It looked like a giant goldfish you have in your garden pond.

Most commons and mirrors have a touch of the Koi strain.

With the kettle on, a tea in the tea-pot I sat back to think about the morning, while sitting in the shade of a large oak tree. Its pretty clear, I’ll have to wait for much cooler weather for the fish to go down on bait. But the little and often baiting will aid that when the time comes, the key at the moment is opportunity, and making the most of the small chances you can and do get, during the day. Up the other end of the lake was a guy that arrived mid-morning he fished two rods all day, and blanked, both rods on bottom baits. He left the same time as I did, that could have been me I guess. You have to be thinking and busy all day on Five Lakes.

At 6pm I sat in one swim and fished until 8.30pm, convinced I’d get another chance, but nothing. Next trip I will do half a nights fishing, and I have a little baiting plan to try. The PVA bag trick did not work this evening, but it will form part of my armoury in later trips.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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