Let’s talk rigs?

Most carp anglers go through a stage in their fishing when rigs dominate their thoughts, it’s one of the most talked about topics on forums, rigs and what’s the best one. I’m no different, and at times my confidence has been really low because of rigs, and what one to use. However, I honestly beleive that carp cannot distinguish one rig from another, and the angler makes things more complicated than it is, should be or is. The carp simply know something is not quite right as they pick up the bait. I also believe that the more components a rig has attached to it, the easier a carp can feel those items. They don’t know it’s a bait screw or swivel, or even what the hook is. The modern carp hook is so heavy these days, that carp anglers are always trying to negate the weight of it with foam, or plastic bits and bob’s. Better I feel, is having a strong but light hook, attached to nylon or fluorocarbon, and very little else. Someone said once to me; “The fewer items between you and the fish the better.”

I’ve used several good rigs in the past, but most of them are really far too complicated to tie quickly, and need to many expensive components. I prefer now to use a rig that has just two items, a sharp hook and a 14” piece of fluorocarbon or heavy nylon. I’ve found an interesting video of a young and very good carp angler Alfie Russell , catching a huge carp on nothing but a rod, line, hook and worms, it’s worth look.

It proves that even the biggest fish will fall to the simplest of baits and rigs, providing they don’t know you’re fishing for them. As mentioned earlier my rigs have gone full circle and I’m now using a rig called ” The basic complicated rig”. It’s simple to tie and had only the two components, I’ve discovered that a nylon or fluorocarbon of between .38 and .40 diameter is ideal for this little gem. Like all rigs over the years they evolve into something else, often nothing like to original was. For that reason I’ve found the old and original tying by the inventor himself, Steve Raynard. Steve does not say on this video when he fishes the rig, but I’ve found it works almost any-place even over a bit of chod. .40 line is quite supple, but stiff enough for the rig to work, so its lays over chod quite well, and is invisible. I use it with a boilie spread when the fish have to right themselves each mouthful. Give it a try and let me know how you get on?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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