Float fishing for big carp.

I caught almost all my commercial carp on a float in conjunction with the pole in the last few years, so trying it for bigger fish was on the cards I guess? Unlike many I’m fishing around, I tend to just fish the one rod now days for carp, but the thought occurred to me that a margin style float is not like having two tight lines in the swim.

Several of the commons up to 16.lb taken from the new lake on float or ledger.

So on Monday I gave float fishing a chance, and was well rewarded with two fish, one a nice scrapper double and another a mid-double, again both were Ghost strain. The float rig I’ve come to, is a little different from most seen in books, or on-line. I try and keep the line as slack as possible, so the float carries only half the shot required to fully cock it, and the line is slack between rod tip and float. This way the float is well above the surface, a bit like a reed as it moves in the wind. If a carp touches the line, is slack both under the surface and above. At the bottom end is a small Guru safe lead clip, but fished running with a 2/3 ounce lead and a braided 4” hook link. The hook is small size 10s Korda curved fished KD style. Bait is a 14 mm Krill drilled pellet. As the fish are not huge, and the rods soft, a size 10s hook sharpened is deadly for hooking these cagey old carp.

Almost every fish caught has a ghost strain in it.

The floats are old style (painted green) peacock quills 6” long or more. Regardless how windy it is, the bottom weight keeps the float stable and it’s fished over depth about 6” for that slackness I like. The weather had changed too, that oppressive heat of the last few weeks had gone, and a nice cooler wind was better for stalking around. I fished four swims on Monday, and caught from two of them. Baiting with a bit less feed seems to work better, the one fish at a time approach works on this little water. I’m sure some time in early October a big baiting programme could work, but its way too early to think that.

I’ll try the same on Wednesday, but will try a little fishy fun baiting just to see if those carp respond oils?

Weds; tried a tuna bait wrap with some success. A nice common ghost of around 14lb taken on a bottom bait, with 1 ounce lead, semi soft hook-link size 10 wide gape. I fish as light a lead as possible, as I’m fishing close in. A 2/3 of an ounce will hook fish if the hook is small, and sharp. But to be honest it’s not worth all the mess the oil produces, it covered everything. I did get another chance off the surface, but it was very slim one, and I couldn’t blame myself to be honest?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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