Toward’s evening.

A margin float rod often takes an extra fish. Can you see the black float tip in the right margin?

I’ve just reached my final swim of the day trip, a small bay in the corner of the South east bank. A light north wind has been blowing in this bank for several days, and despite now being an ‘old wind’, a few fish are still milling about. Opposite me, but to my right hand side about 20 yards away, are two large willows that overhang the bank by some way. This is where todays fish are hiding, moving in and out of the trees, and into the lilies directly to my right. It’s a bit deeper here about 4’/5’deepening toward the centre of the lake. I can only see a quarter of the lake where I sit, because I’m about 10′ back from the bank, with only my rod tip over-hanging the water by inches. The rod is set up on two rod rest with a small buzzer set on silent, and a bobbin set slack. I’m float fishing with a piece of 7” white peacock quill , left natural with a red painted top. It’s held in place by two elastic bands, currently set around the bottom, but I can pull one up if I fancy fishing a flat float. I’m fishing 20lb line and a size 8s wide gape hook KD style. Bait is a large krill pellet 14 mm. The heavy line is because of the lilies, as I lost a fish early morning in such a situation.

The peacock float sits high out of the water, the carp see no danger with this often swimming around and nudging it.

I’d baited this swim some hours ago, and hoped the fish were feeding in this margin by now. My float is fished slack with a 2/3 ounce lead, I’ve used this type of set up for years with big roach on the slow rivers in Norfolk, it takes roach and bream, but is made for carp fishing, as the carp can swim against the line and not feel any tightness. The float is still cocked, but rides out of the water like a large reed and the fish feel safe around it. I always carry two rods, but only fish the one at a time, the other is mostly set up with just a large hook for free-lining. I’ve genuinely caught as many fish on the other rod as I have with the bottom rod. In summer (less in winter) the un-encumbered rod catches many more fish off the top, or on the drop. This evening I take a nice low double common that bolts of taking line off a tight clutch, but soon comes into the net and its picture quickly taken.

In summer I’m looking for opportunities all the time, from fish passing by to drop a bait in front of, or fish together feeding in the weeds with crust or flake, I always carry bread. Carp of all sizes never seem to tire of bread, flake or crust provided you can put it in safe areas. By that I mean margins, under trees, or in weed-beds, the Nash bread bomb is a revelation. I’ll put a little video below, because every carp angler should know about this amazing little gadget.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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