Dark days and Mirror carp.

Lake view August 2021.

This mornings a mist and fine drizzle hardly budged all day, it was that type of rain that dried almost as soon as it settled on you. I was wearing a soft but thick camo jacket with a hood, as it was much cooler than previous days. A few other anglers were carp fishing today, and some pleasure anglers too. I could almost guarantee the carp fishers would blank, as while having two rods and tents to shelter in from the rain, most really have little idea on how to fish for carp. They pick the wrong type of swims, and fish the wrong tackle in them. Lead core has no place in weedy swims, as well as a fixed lead, I’ve never seen one cast more than once, so clearly they don’t feel the leads down. Most will be fishing a bait in the wrong place ineffectively, they see me catching but to date non have asked what I’m doing. That ego that many carp guys have, prevents them from moving on and getting better at their hobby? Not that I’m an expert, but stalking for carp is one of those methods I do seem to be good at.

Common Ghost strain carp around 15lb, bottom bait.

You-Tube is a wonderful resource for anglers, with dozens of videos on carp fishing. Sadly, many are just selling bait, tackle or rigs and this is what many think is carp fishing, bait, a rig, and tackle, nothing about water-craft or long learned experience. After a few trips, they will catch a carp almost by de-fault so they think its just a hard water, and they are doing ok, I’m fine with that to be honest. Because of other anglers fishing today, I stayed in the top half of the lake today, but it paid off with a nice mirror carp taken in a slightly deeper margin I’d found previously. I’m trying to keep a low profile in truth, as on many water like this the non catches get jealous of new people catching. I’ve not found these lakes to be difficult, more a challenge and I go with the attitude I will catch a fish or two most trips. I did have another chance in the evening but only pricked the fish on a floater, causing it to come crashing out of the water and throwing the little hook.

Brilliant video on how its done by a great carp angler Rich Wilby.

Mini Rant; Many older anglers had a rich education on rivers, large and small, and well stocked club lakes. Throwing bread flake, crust, lobworms, and even black slugs to fish like chub, tench, roach and bream. Our rivers were full of fish, and we got educated in what to do if bites were at a premium. Sadly, unless you grew up in the 60s 70s, you didn’t have that water craft education available, I think that’s why so many carp anglers are so blinkered in there approach. I see them arrive pick the swim then can back the car into, then out comes the bivvy (even for a days fishing) Then the rods and buzzers and they have not even looked at the water yet? They rarely plumb the depth like match anglers do, and scatter bait all over the place. I’ve not seen one on my lakes that feels the lead down, so they have no idea how the rig is fishing. I don’t blame them, but surly if you’re not catching you would try something different? It seems as if carp fishing has morphed into something different to what I know or think carp fishing is, or was. Now its more about the camping, matching rods and looking like a carp angler, rather than being one. Blanking is the norm, its almost a badge of how difficult and macho you can be sitting it out for hours without a bite? Sorry, fishing for me is about catching fish, and a blank is my failure, and not the carp’s fault.

Nice Mirror carp 12lb/13lb one of very few commons I’ve seen caught!

To date I’ve not done any “into dark fishing” but as the nights get shorter I will. I’ll need to be a little more prepared however, as packing up in the dark can be a story of lost tackle and gear left behind. Fact is I’m looking forward to it, its another aspect of carp fishing I enjoy.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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