Just watching.

Maybe because I have enough time to fish, or maybe its just a growing patience I’ve come to learn, either way, I find watching water so enjoyable and rewarding.

Not all damsel flies are blue, did you know?

I’ve said for many years, time is never wasted watching carp movement, often just by looking they will not only tell you where they are, but what they’re doing? Recently, the lakes had a huge explosion of damsel fly, and their bigger cousins the dragon fly, and the carp knew exactly what was going on. Both species have an emergence and are easy prey for carp, I’ve caught a few smaller carp on flies I tied resembling both nymphs while fishing for Black Bass in France. I’ve even taken a few on a dry fly damsel, and that’s fun, nothing big but carp on a 6 weight fly rod is proper fun.

Damsel fly picture taken on the River Dordogne France.

When hunting these bottom emerges, the carp swim horizontally just under the surface, often quite quickly, but most action takes place when they are grubbing and bubbling around on the lake bed. Their eye site is quite poor, but they have an uncanny sense of things close to them. Sometimes the damsel’s will cluster, dozens all in a circle on the surface reproducing, then the carp only have to open their mouths for an easy meal. Sadly there is not much available to the carp angler when they are doing this, but a zig, or floater close by, can tempt the odd fish. I’ve always found the zig very hit and miss, but something to practice maybe?

Common carp in gold 15lb.

Fish keep coming now on a regular basis, I had four on Monday and one on Wednesday. I’ll tell you about the four next time around, it was an interesting day. But the picture above is one of 15lb, wonderful colour don’t you think?

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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