Evening surface fish.

I mentioned in my last post how I managed four fish from the smaller of the two waters I fish? I’d taken two nice fish during the day, one in close (30 cm from the bank in six feet of water) the other against a sloping margin shelf on the bank opposite. I’d pack up around 7pm if I remember right, and was walking back towards the car passing the top end of the lake, when I noticed a good number of fish just milling around on the top. I stopped with all the gear on my back to watch. The fish were right on top and looked a if a floater would tempt one, so I dropped the gear, and put a size 8 hook onto the line, nothing else.

The light was fading fast when a decent fish took the large dog biscuit, hooking itself against the rod tip. I guessed about 12 lb, but did without a picture or weigh mat, just slipping it back right away. It’s so important not to walk away from feeding fish, so another big biscuit was send flying out towards several fish, that had now backed off about 20 yards or so. Fish in groups are often easy as a sense of competition overtakes they’re caution, so it was as a smaller fish, maybe 9lb took the biscuit within minutes of it landing. The light was gone now, but I still managed to net it competently, pleased that the fish had shed the barbless hook in the net. Best day from 5 lakes, four fish from this place is good angling though I say so myself?

Torpedo at: 3 o-clock

18lb of long lean fighting machine golden common

I only had the one fish today, but what a brute of a fish, eighteen pounds of common carp muscle. The day was strange really as it was such carp’y weather, overcast, warm, but I couldn’t catch. So I did what’s worked for me in the past, thats placing a bait some distance from my baited spot, this time about three yards. Over the years on clear waters, I’ve seen the biggest of carp often hang back from the main feeding area, just picking up bits that drift about from other feeding carp. You would be surprised how food items can end up yards away when fish move about in a swim, the swell from their body movement can be quite powerful at times. It’s really pleasing when a plan comes together, why, because many times it simply doesn’t work. This fish was once again, caught on the Swan quill float in close, and is my biggest to date from Five Lakes.

Author: Fishermanrichard.

Retired and fishing as much as I can.

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