Eye Kettleby Lakes.

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Eye Kettleby Lakes.

I thought I’d follow up on my last posts regarding fishing at the lovely Eye Kettleby Lakes, near Melton Mowbray. The complex is so well run, and the lady on reception helpful and a bit of a babe if I’m honest. (Sorry if that’s not PC these days) But this is a fishing blog, not the US Open, doh!


For £6 concession you get to fish one of the best stocked venue in the County. I like the fact that all the lakes are of reasonable size, and not Micky Mouse like some I’ve seen. Much like Hallcroft Lakes but much cleaner, better laid out and friendlier staff. On my second visit I tried lake seven, a long oval shape with an island in the middle. It was raining steadily when I set up under my new Preston umbrella, unlike some I did not park my car on the grass in front of the peg as it’s immaculate, and cut like a bowling green. Would people park on their own lawn at home, I take the view the lake is mine for a day, and I’ll treat it with respect while I’m fishing!


Lake seven is full of fish, and during the day I only used the two Daiwa whips, fishing for what I could catch. Today it was small silver Bream to around a pound, some chunky Roach to 8oz, Rudd to 6oz plus hybrids. I use a small amount of groundbait, maybe a conker size every ten fish. I guess today was even better that yesterday and I caught around 20lb of silvers, plus a nice little carp of about 3lb. That was an achievement itself on .10 hook link and size 20 hook single maggot.


The rain cleared just after lunch, the sun broke through and I really did not want to go home, so good was the fishing. Eye kettleby lakes would be 5 star in this review, it’s clean, well kept, has sensible rules, and the staff are welcoming. I’ll be back many times in the winter just to see if any better Roach exist in any of the lakes.

Its that time again.

The weather is cooling down some, but still no real amount of rainfall sadly. However I’m going to get back into the fishing starting on a little commercial I’ve not visited before. It’s about an hour from my home and has a few nice size lakes with an abundance of different species from Roach, to Carp, Bream, Chub and big Perch.

I’m hoping to use the new whips, and maybe do some close in waggler fishing for Crucian carp and Tench. I’ll use a pole float waggler and see if the fish like paste made from pellet.


Monday, and I’m at the lakes mention above. Wow very impressed, stunning location with plenty of water available in the seven lakes. It’s fortunate as the place is very busy, with caravan holiday makers fishing their socks off and filling many of the lakes. I sign in pay for my ticket and dip my net in the medicated bin supplied by the fishery, excellent idea. It show the place is thinking about not only the fish, but their future too. I settle on one of the least busy lakes that the owners tell me have some nice Crucian carp and Roach exactly what I asked for. I notice they also do a morning breakfast, that could be something I go for on those winter days to come.

I start today with a trickle of hemp and red maggots, just six or seven grains of hemp and a dozen maggots. I’m fishing a match stick rig on the 3 meter whip, with a .10 hook link and size 18s hook. On the 4.5 meter whip I’m fishing a small Drennan glow tip waggler taking just .06 of a gram. Hook link is again .10 with a size 16s wide gap hook for corn.

I’m expecting the fish to come up in the water and that’s exactly what happened over the next few hours of me bait trickling. I start hooking some small Roach and Silver Bream to a pound, then a few decent Roach to 10oz then more silver bream, and a bonus 1lb Perch. And so it goes, more nice silver Bream to 1lb+ then a few more pound Perch, with several decent Rudd to half a pound. After a while I’m catching on the long whip just off bottom, and the short whip on the drop, no weight just a match stick used as a float with a slow sinking maggot.


Then the Crucians move in and the bites get difficult, the fish are those wonderful chunky mini carp with golden bodies and red-yellow fins and tails. Those little Crucians almost bent the whip double as they ploughed up and down the margin, looking for a quick release. I’d guess the best little carp was a little over a pound and a quarter, and the smallest half a pound. By the time it came to pack up I’d taken a least 40 fish, all on the new Diana Speed whips, with four pound main line, and .10 hook-links. I’d also had some of the best fun fishing in years. I cannot wait for my next trip, this time to a different lake on the complex.


Summer Perch on the whip.

We had a cracking day on the whip yesterday, taking maybe 30 small perch on red-maggots. The fish were tucked right under a tree that overhangs the river, in 3′-4’of water. Feeding hemp and red maggots I thought some Roach would find the net, but no just little Perch to 8 oz. It was my first try with a whip (4.5 meters) using a small float and lightly shotted the Perch proved great fun, with the whip nearly bending double on the better fish. I did set up a new ultra-light feeder rod in the hope of bagging a better fish, but after losing a few leads on snags the Trent is famous for, I gave it best.


Before visiting the river I called in on a little commercial fishery on the way, just to see what the drought had done to it. I could not believe my eyes, the place was jam packed with anglers in every swim. Fishing just a few meters apart is not my cup of tea, I’ll take a look in the winter as some good roach exist in this complex of five lakes. I felt sorry for the owner as the lakes were down a meter, he must be praying every day for some substantial rain.

High Summer Low Water.

I cannot remember a time when we have had such little rain over such a long time. The rivers are having a real struggle, and the little ponds and lakes I like to fish are almost empty. The Trent never seems to change much, but it does slow down. You can see this by   being able to hold mid-river with such light weights as 25/30 grams in parts. Once place I fish on the Trent now has a large slack on the inside of a bend that was never there before? It holds some good Bream now that clearly like the new slow flow as they can feed without their food being moved all over the place.


The Roach are still in mid-river well away for the anglers bank. The water is very clear and you can see well down in the river depths. It’s why you have to fish very fine right now for them. The old style of fishing with hemp and tares using ultra light tackle works well if you can get the fish feeding, often its well down stream of you and after feeding for an hour or so. I tried the other day and to my regret used casters in with the hemp and tares. Big mistake as the bleak, and small dace just would not give the roach a chance. Next time I’ll just use hemp with the odd tare, that should work to keep the bleak away, but feed the roach. Hemp sinks almost on the spot, but caster stays high in the water attracting all the small stuff. We live and learn by our mistakes, I’m learning as I said before?